Saturday, October 30, 2010

We're home!

Yea! We're home! And we're all doing great!

First, the photos. If you haven't already seen them, Tracey got some great ones that are posted on her blog. (We are SOOO very glad she could come down and help out with Zaylee while we got to hang out at the hospital. Such a relief to know that Zaylee was well taken care of and we had nothing to worry about while we were away. Thanks Tracey!) And now here are the ones that we took at the hospital.

Introducing: Jack Weldon Gubler!
7 pounds 4 ounces; 19 1/4 inches long; born at 5:36 am.

(For those that may be interested, "the story" may be found at the bottom of the post.)

What a peaceful little thing! He likes to just lie around and observe the surroundings or just sleep. Not too much of a crier (fingers crossed). YEA!!

Holding baby brother

Love this photo! Notice the hands: Alex's and Zaylee's supporting him with his little hands on top. Love it! (Blogger rotated it and I don't know how to rotate it back so turn your head to the side for how it's supposed to look and so he's not upside down!....)

Peaceful night the second night (first night? ya not so lovely)

Posing with baby Jack

(Can you tell how excited Zaylee was to be posing for this photo??)

Just before we were officially released.

Not liking that carseat too much!

And now for the random Zaylee shots:
Posing in Jack's pumpkin hat that Tracey made for him.

What happens when Alex is in charge of dressing Zaylee and he lets her pick her own clothes.

"The Story"

So, we were supposed to be induced on Wednesday the 27th which didn't happen. The hospital was overloaded (supposedly, there were a record number of babies born this week) and we were turned away. =( We were very upset that we had to wait another day to meet our sweet boy but dealt with it because we had no other choice! =)

Wednesday night we prepared ourselves to be rejected again on Thursday but still had hopes. At 1:45 am there were no doubts, we would either have this baby at Wilford Hall or they could send us to a different hospital but baby was ready to come! The contractions started about 1 minute long every 6-7 mins and by 2:45 Alex was insistant it was time to call the hospital to see if we could come. They said they did have a bed so head on over. We dropped Zaylee off at a friend's (lifesaver's) house and got to the hospital at about 3:45-4:00 (not sure...didn't really care to look at the clock by that point).

When they checked me they were shocked that I was already dialated to a 6. They started rushing the paperwork and tried to quickly get in an IV line so they could draw blood for a platelet count for the epidural. After blowing two veins they finally got one and got the blood off to the lab. By this time the contractions were already feeling pretty unpleasant and were close enough they decided to get me out of triage and into a labor and delivery room.

We got to L & D and they checked me again and I was well on my way to an 8 and they started to panic a bit....there was still a lot of paperwork that needed to be done! =) I at this point was feeling pretty miserable as one contraction kinda just lead right into the next. That was kinda sucking not to at least have a break between them anymore. So, I told them I didn't care about the epidural anymore and that I would just take the IV drugs. Guess what..."it's too late. You can't have IV drugs now because it's too close to delivery. The baby will be too larthegic." So I asked about an IV drug that an anethesiologist in our ward had told us about that didn't have that effect. "Well, that specific drug requires one-on-one attention with an anethesiologist and to be honest we are understaffed right now and just don't have one available for that. It's okay, you can do it. It'll go quick." (Ya, easy for them to say!)

So, now I know it. No, drugs. Not good news to a major wuss like me. So, I told them, "fine, I am done then. Break my water and lets get this over with." As soon as they did I immediately asked myself what was I thinking!?! Holy cow! I didn't realize how much worse those contractions could get!!! I'll admit it. I screamed a bit. I'll also admit it. I hit Alex a couple of times. (I really only remember one time but he claims there were at least two times.)

After they broke my water I had maybe 5 mins before it was time to push. I pushed for maybe 10-15 mins and it was done. He came out face up which they said is a particularily painful way to have to deliver--go figure. All I know was how glad I was to be done. The resident OB that delivered said that in the future I should always planned to be induced. Ha!


Mubeen said...

Jack is sooooo dang cute! Congrats! And WAY TO GO on having him naturally!!!! Can't wait to meet your little guy!!!

Sara Schwartz said...

Congrats he is so dang cute!! I just can't get over that you had him naturally can I say, WOW!! Your pics of him and Zaylee are super cute!!

Brooke said...

You are a rockstar to do it with no drugs. He is a cutie and you look great. Congrats

Ian and Lara said...

Congrats! Jack is adorable, and so is Zaylee, what a proud big sister! I love your labor story! Crazy! You are awesome!

Saddie said...

Okay, so your story had Levi and I laughing our heads off! I'm thinkin' Alex deserved a few hits :) Lol! I'm just proud of you for not decking the OB when he said you should try to be induced - I'm sure it took restraint.

Hazel tried to come face up too - maybe it's a Gubler thing -, but turned just as she started descending. Whew!

We're crossing our fingers for you that your cutie-pie Jack is a happier baby than your cutie pie baby Zaylee was!

Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS! Your boy is beautiful(umm... handsome. How long will it be before it's my turn to hold him? Not soon enough!

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

WOW Nicole!! I think this story is fantastic. Although you probably disagree, and it had to be incredibly painful, and tiring! It just gives me hope that things can go a little speedier for me next time. You're a trooper. Glad everything worked out. I'm anxious to talk more about it. He's perfect! Congrats, and talk to ya soon!

Sheldon and Chelsea said...

You go girl! Sounds tough, but you did it! Congrats! He is super cute. Hope we can meet him before he gets too big :)

Candice McWhorter said...

holy Hannah my dear!!!! good thing this wasn't your first...otherwise you may not have considered going through it again!
You're a trooper and this little boy will appreciate all you went through some day!!
ps, he's adorable as can be

Jared & Shannon said...

So sorry you had to do that without the drugs! He is so cute though so it was all worth it:) Congrats on a healthy cute baby!

The Heaton's said...

Oh my goodness...he is adorable! He has so much hair! So glad to he is here and everything is well with both of you! What a delivery! You are amazing to have done that without drugs! What a beautiful little family!

the Tonioli's said...

Congratulations!! He is adorable. Let me just say that you are my hero. There is no way I could have done that. Plus, you look so great in the pictures.

SHeaton said...

Congratulations, he is adorable, can't wait to meet little captain Jack at Thanksgivging. What a story!

Shawn & Kim!