Friday, October 22, 2010

"Thank you! Happy Halloween!"

Tonight was our ward Halloween party. It was such a good time. Great chili, great conversation, great time for kids, great pie eating contest, and great trunk-or-treat. Overall, I think you get the picture, but it was a great night! =)

Our little Snow White!

Out Trunk-or-Treating

The Spoils!

Now for the best part. Alex, yes, I said Alex, participated in the pie eating contest. Not completely voluntarily (one of his friends in the ward signed him up but he chose not to take his name off surprisingly enough....) but he still did it. Even lucked out and got a chocolate pie. It was great. Didn't get a video, but here is the play by play in photos. Hilarious! Never have I seen him do something like this surrounded by a bunch of people we don't really know. I loved it! He didn't win and said he just felt sick after but it was great entertainment!


rayndrop said...

i'm surprised alex did it! that's awesome. glad he got a chocolate.

we had a ward chili party too.

sounds and reads like the baby is coming soon. i can hardly believe it. i have had babies without epidurals. i hope that it goes as smoothly for you. you're going to be okay. just keep telling yourself that.

tell alex to let us know promptly.

Mubeen said...

Haha! Love the pics! Good job, Alex!

Your Snow White looks beautiful :)