Friday, October 8, 2010

25 days...

You see that counter on the side? It says only 25 days left! YEA!! Hopefully less. No really. Hopefully a lot less!!! Like today would be okay. I am 36 and 1/2 weeks--I'm good and ready! =)

Just a few of the top reasons why:

*If he comes today, my platelets are still high enough I can get an epidural....barely. (Definitely one of the top reasons...)
*If he comes today, we will be forced to finally pick a name for him. (No, we still haven't picked one yet....).
*If he comes today maybe my prego grumpiness will go away!
*If he comes today (like during the day) I will dare to call someone to have them watch Zaylee while our hero Tracey drives down to watch her.
*If he comes today Alex will be upset because he says he's too busy at work until the end of the month--bah! Too bad.
*If he comes today I will be one happy camper!

*If he doesn't I will survive.......maybe..... =)

**No I am not having contractions or anything that would indicate that my wish is about to come true....bummer......

Any votes on names? Can't promise we'll pick what the majority does but would love to hear your vote. We've eliminated it down to these three (in alphabetical order not according to preference....):

1. Evan
2. Jack (Zaylee's personal favorite--Alex's least of course)
3. Riley

P.S. More posts to stay turned. Alex--the guy who thinks blogs are kinda retarded--said I don't blog enough so I'll try to do a couple more updates....


Mubeen said...

I love Evan!!

My favorite reason: because Alex said he's too busy at work..bahahaha!

Hope you pop soon! :)

Brooke said...

My vote is Jack- probably because Jack Bauer is like the coolest guy ever on 24. Wasn't there a really cool guy names Jack on Lost as well. Yeah... definitly Jack

Saddie said...

hmmm...I like Riley, but Riley and Zayee together sounds a tad odd. So my next choice would be Evan.

Good luck with the home stretch. I swear that last month lasts as long as the rest of the pregnancy put together.

rayndrop said...

my vote is jack. and so is my mom's. man, i can't believe it's coming! i'm excited for you.