Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ultrasound photo

So, I'm retarded and couldn't figure out this morning how to get my scanned image to work right but I figured it out....so, here he is! =) Also, due date: November 2nd so that puts me at 17 weeks right now.

(Sorry for the graphic image...hopefully no one is offended by ultrasound nudity) =)

And yes, just so you know, I did get lucky to find out that early (14 wks) what we were having.....he was just willing to share it all that day (obviously)--even the nurse was surprised. Definitely not shy--probably means another Zaylee on our hands....oh yea!!! =)

New news.....

Ya, Alex pointed out last night that I have posted since March. Oops! =)

Not much to say other than that we've been busy! We are coming down to the final weeks before our move. We are looking at June 9th as the official day before we are outta here. We're going a little early to give Alex some time to spend with family before he heads off to officers training the end of June. Then it'll be Zaylee and I with Grandma Barlow for a month before we have to report in San Antonio on August 3rd. The time has sure gone by fast. We're almost to become temporary Texans....scary!!! =)

So, what else we've been up to.....well if you didn't check out the widget on the side bar now would be a good time to do so. Because, that's what we've been up to!! =) It's been a wild ride so far so I know we're only going to have a ton more to look forward to. Pretty much all of March and most of April I could be found on the couch or at the toilet. TMI I know, but it's the truth. Much different than with Zaylee! I was sicker than sick from about 6 weeks to 12 weeks but now that's pretty much tapered off. Since then, we've been busy with doctors. They seem to like me a lot more this pregnancy than last.

Quick run down for those that care and don't know. They thought I had an auto immune blood disease (dealing with my platelets) that ended up being most likely just do to having strep throat the first of March but before they figured that out they sent me to a specialist who performed an ultrasound and there we found out that I also have an abnormality that is called a Single Umbilical Artery. Non-related to the first issue. What that means: I saw a hematologist who called the misdiagnosis on the auto immune disease (most likely....they said they'll still watch it to make sure); I will see the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist every 6 weeks to do ultrasounds to check on the baby due to the SUA; all of the tests that are usually optional (like alpha-fetal protein tests) are mandatory in my pregnancy; I will have non-stress tests from 32 weeks out. Hopefully, with the new info from the hematologist they will decide not to do the bi-monthly blood tests for the platelet issue that was orginally on the agenda as well.

So what that comes down to is since I stopped throwing up numerous times everyday I have been to 5 doctor appointments (2 different specialists), have had my blood drawn 3 times for a total of about 13 vials of blood, and one ultrasound. And, in the next 3 weeks I go back to each of the 3 doctors one time a piece and will have at least one more blood draw. It's been fun. But with all that said, at least most likely there is nothing wrong with me and hopefully the baby will end up being fine as well. We should have a better idea of how things are looking after my next ultrasound on the 15th of June.

Postive out come of all of this: IT'S A BOY!!!