Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New Hairdo

So, the guy that cut it said that it actually was a bad cut because her hair is so fine it would be hard to hide the blunt side cuts. He basically decided to do an adult haircut (he said it's the Victoria Beckham from last year hair cut) to try to hide her work. The front and top didn't need much after her cut just a little straightening and then he cut the back way short to match it all. The final result:

(Tried to catch her while running...didn't work so well)

(Not a head on shot but it gives you a good view of the overall)

(And just too cute to resist posting!) =)

Overall, I think it's cute. Totally voided her purpose for cutting it in the first place, though, now it's going to be constantly hanging in her face! =)

Blog Worthy

Okay, so I have had PLENTY of blog worthy experiences in the last few months (and I will catch up on them some day)but this one required immediate attention. If only so those that I've already called about it can see the photos! =)

One word will explain it all: scissors

Yep, you guessed it--Zaylee cut her hair! Yes, ZAYLEE cut her hair! =)

Lately she has loved playing with scissors. She loves to take paper and cut it into tiny little pieces. And she's been SO good with them! I guess to all good things there must come an end.

This was Zaylee's end. I was upstairs getting ready to go to storytime at the library when Zaylee came up stairs because she had hair in her mouth. Duh me I didn't even notice the cutting job....until I asked her why she had so much hair in her mouth. She answered, "I cut my hair!" Then she started to cry. Ahhh...poor girl! I started to laugh! =) When I asked her why, she actually had a logical reason. She told me that she did it so that she wouldn't have to worry about getting food in her hair anymore. (Background information: Her hair always hangs in her face--yes, I do comb it there is just always some that manages to hang in her face about dinner time--thus resulting in getting in the way of her food. And she likes to suck on her hair all the time and so it's always snarly on the sides).

Well, I have to admit, though, I kinda had it coming. She's been telling me all week long that she wants to get her hair cut! But I kept putting it off because she always said she wanted it just like daddy's. Guess she showed me who is boss! Luckily, we might have a future hairdresser in the family. She really didn't do that much damage as far as I can tell.

You be the judge:

And then the wet version after we had combed it all out:

I'll still take her into a salon and get it evened out but it's actually not nearly as drastic it could have been. =)

Most recent pictures of her has her hair in a pony tail or braids but this one was taken last month just before we headed out to TX...it gives you a pretty good idea of what it looked like pre hair cut.

(Click on it to blow it up and see a closer photo of the cute old hair....)