Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Worthy

Okay, so I have had PLENTY of blog worthy experiences in the last few months (and I will catch up on them some day)but this one required immediate attention. If only so those that I've already called about it can see the photos! =)

One word will explain it all: scissors

Yep, you guessed it--Zaylee cut her hair! Yes, ZAYLEE cut her hair! =)

Lately she has loved playing with scissors. She loves to take paper and cut it into tiny little pieces. And she's been SO good with them! I guess to all good things there must come an end.

This was Zaylee's end. I was upstairs getting ready to go to storytime at the library when Zaylee came up stairs because she had hair in her mouth. Duh me I didn't even notice the cutting job....until I asked her why she had so much hair in her mouth. She answered, "I cut my hair!" Then she started to cry. Ahhh...poor girl! I started to laugh! =) When I asked her why, she actually had a logical reason. She told me that she did it so that she wouldn't have to worry about getting food in her hair anymore. (Background information: Her hair always hangs in her face--yes, I do comb it there is just always some that manages to hang in her face about dinner time--thus resulting in getting in the way of her food. And she likes to suck on her hair all the time and so it's always snarly on the sides).

Well, I have to admit, though, I kinda had it coming. She's been telling me all week long that she wants to get her hair cut! But I kept putting it off because she always said she wanted it just like daddy's. Guess she showed me who is boss! Luckily, we might have a future hairdresser in the family. She really didn't do that much damage as far as I can tell.

You be the judge:

And then the wet version after we had combed it all out:

I'll still take her into a salon and get it evened out but it's actually not nearly as drastic it could have been. =)

Most recent pictures of her has her hair in a pony tail or braids but this one was taken last month just before we headed out to TX...it gives you a pretty good idea of what it looked like pre hair cut.

(Click on it to blow it up and see a closer photo of the cute old hair....)


Stephanie said...

BAHAHAHAHA, I love and miss you guys!!

Saddie said...

I keep waiting for this scenario to play out at our house. In fact we had a near miss just yesterday. As for having hair like dad's, the pixie cut is making a comeback and would be much less messy and much cooler in the heat of TX. Of course it wouldn't be nearly as cute-little-girl-pigtail-y.

Sammy said...

Ok, so that pile of hair looks a lot bigger than it did in the email you sent me!! YIKES!!! Looks like she took some from more than one spot too! Can't wait to see her new do! :)