Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Zaylee's first day of Pre-Kindergarten! YEA!! She was SO super excited! We went to back to school a few days ago and she got to meet her new teacher. Everyday after she asked if she could go meet her new teacher again! When she woke up today she was stoked!!

She got to pick what she wanted to pick for her breakfast: French Toast

She got to pick out her own school outfit (nothing really different than everyday because we didn't buy her any new clothes for school and she picks her own clothes everyday anyway! but shh! don't tell!!) =)

Then it was off to school! She was so excited waiting to enter the building. She was dancing away! She noticed one girl had the same shoes and decided they were going to be friends. The little girl hid behind her dad. A different girl showed up and told Zaylee she wanted to be friends with her! This time it was Zaylee's turn to hide. Crazy girl!

When it was time to line up to go in I think the nerves finally got an edge on her. For the first time she was appeared to be a bit melancholy and reserved. (I know, shocker!!) But alas, with one extra coaxing word from her teacher she was off! Didn't even look back once. I found myself still standing there waiting to see what was going to happen when I realized that standing there was pointless. There was nothing left to see! My little girl is a big girl now! Headed off to school all on her own!

Finally 3:00 rolled around and Jack and I found ourselves standing at the corner waiting for her bus to arrive.

After quite a few extra minutes of standing in the (sweltering!) heat while the bus driver explained the safety rules of exiting the bus, out she came!!

What a girl!!! When asked how it was, she said, "It was fun! We sat on the blue rug, went to lunch, came back and sat on the blue rug and....I don't remember what else." =) Gotta love her!!!

Ah! My little munchkin is all grown up!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Today we decided to break out the little kiddie swimming pool and enjoy the sun. It was Zaylee's first swim of the season and Jack's first swim ever. =) The water was pretty cold at first and Jack DID NOT like that but as soon as he got used to it he LOVED it!! Perfectly content and happy for almost a whole hour and then Zaylee wanted to get out. I think Jack would've stayed all day if he could've. I think we have a water boy (haha...) on our hands!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 Months!

Jack turned 6 months today! YEA!! He's getting to be such a big boy! This month he has:

--Found his toes (and thinks they are pretty tasty as well!)
--Started rocking on his hands and knees which led to.....
--Can get himself to a sitting position from any other position
--TRYS to pull himself up in his crib, next to the couch, or up my leg if I'm not holding him--update since I first typed this.....He CAN pull himself up in his crib and bounce when he is ticked!
--Started eating jar foods (shockingly, green beans seem to be his favorite so far!)
--And discovered SHADOWS--he thinks these are especially awesome!

Other things he loves:

--Watering the garden with daddy
--People watching
--Playing with toys, remotes, water bottles, phones, diapers, wipes, etc....yep, anything he can get his hands on!! (Baby proofing has begun....) =(

Reaching out to give loves:

In action:

We love you Jack!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Every Easter I see all the moms out there in the online world post cute pics of their kids in their Easter best. So to be cool like all of them I TRY to do it as well.....


Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Party

We went to a fun Easter party today and we had a special guest visitor show up....


Zaylee was SO excited!!!

She ran and hugged him, ran into the house and found her bunny ears, and ran back out to show him (notice in the second picture the sly look on her face awesome!), and then posed again with Jack.

She must have seen the costume hanging in the bedroom after our guest changed though....she came running up to whisper to me that it wasn't REALLY the Easter was just a human in there! =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

WHAT?!? A new family photo???

THANKS TRACEY!!!! (Will post more--maybe--when I get them) =)

Monday, March 28, 2011

5 months!

Jackers is 5 months and he has had a very growing month this time around!

*Tried and DISLIKED rice cereal
*Learned to do raspberries (and did them over and over until his face was soaked for that first week!)
*Rolled back to belly and now you can't lay him down anywhere without him rolling himself clear around the room!
*Started sitting up (he's still pretty wobbly but he's almost got it down!)
*Spent a few hours with his first non family member babysitter (and didn't cry the whole time either--yes that does mean he spent a bit of it that way....)
*Got REALLY grumpy because of his teeth moving around and not even being close to poking through yet but enough to make him ornery.
*Started sleeping better!!!! YEA!!! We finally decided it was time to start making him cry himself to sleep. SO SAD but SO worth it. He is now only getting up typically once a night and everyone (ie. mommy) is MUCH happier as a result.
*Takes about 3 one hour naps during the day.

Wahoo! He sleeps!!

At Seaworld over spring break

We sure love this guy!

Monday, February 28, 2011

4 Month Update

Jackers is 4 months! CRAZY!

What he's done this month:

*Rolled belly to back....not even close to rolling back to belly but that could be attributed to the fact that he never lets me put him down without screaming!

*Laughed! Loved it! We've had to work to get him to do it again but he has and we love it!

*Favorite things: his fingers and his binkie and of course his mommy! =)

*Loves: To clasp his hands--in prayer fashion (so cute), watching Zaylee splash in the bathtub, to stand and bounce, the light on my cell phone, and to cry, cry, cry! (But we still love him!)

*Stats: Weight 14 lbs 11 ounces (Ha! Pretty close--to my 15 lb guess!) which they say is only the 35th percentile so he's really not too chubby according to the standard! His height was 25 inches (don't know what percentile that was).

And the photos:

His prayer hands. Seriously he does this all the time. Most of the time the fingers are completely interlaced. It is SO cute!

This was actually taken a couple of weeks ago but was too cute to pass up on posting.

And a couple cute shots from today:

And I can't forget my awesome little cutie, Zaylee.

AND....Alex had a birthday this month! Happy Birthday Alex!! We love you!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

Dear Utah Friends:

You'll love this. Schools are closed, tons of businesses are closed, and Alex got a half day off work all because of this:

And because Alex didn't get the call until after he was already up getting ready, he got up with the kids and I got to sleep in! Love it!

P.S. Half day off just turned into full day! YEA!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

3 months

Holy Cow! He's already 3 months!!

We love you Jackers and are SO GLAD you are a part of our family!!

So what he's up to:

*Smiling and cooing but only when he wants to. He's great at avoiding eye contact!
*Loves having baths--once you get him in there. He cries and cries while you're putting him in but loves it once he remembers how great they are!
*Sleeping: well, ya not so much. He's up about 3 times a night still and daytimes he'll nap--as long as someone is holding him!
*Nicknames: Jackers, Grumpy Goose, Goober
*Favorite things: Watching Zaylee do whatever she may be doing, being held, listening to the piano, making whoever is holding him stand up, his binkie, and his fists.
*He is very alert and very active and loves to be a part of whatever is happening. If there are people around he wants to be up and looking and watching.
*He hates tummy time.

I spent like forever trying to get some good shots of him today for you all to see. These are my favorites because of his awesome expressions:

He's watching Zaylee run by

Can you see that smiling hiding there?? Love it!

Look closely, those are his furrowed eyebrows.... =)

This was while we were waiting for Zaylee to get out of dance class. Don't mind the dirty mirror--he was LOVING watching the road and the birds and anything that went by!

I tried to get a picture of the two of them together. Ummm...ya right! Take your pick cause this was as good as it got! =)

This one?

Or how about either of these?

I know, I know THIS ONE! =)

Thats okay! We love you both! Happy 3 months Jack!!