Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay so it's been like 3 weeks (okay so almost a month) since I posted so it's time for updates! There are 7 posts to follow so just flip though or enjoy reading them. Which ever you prefer. In the meantime, here are some cute pictures to start you out with:

Helping make dinner -

Playing outside -

"I found this and put it on myself...aren't I cute!!" -

Zaylee's new bed

We got this at a yard sale last summer for like $20 or around there. Alex and I stained it, Kurt and Jill gave us the mattress, the blanket is a present that I got when I graduated from high school and ta-da! Zaylee has a new bed!! YEA!!

Making Rolls

Alex wanted homemade rolls for dinner the other night so Zaylee and I went to work. Zaylee loves to help mix things but her most favorite thing is the flour. To put it in her own words, "Ummm....tha's gooood, huh!!"

Yes, she is licking the counter.....

Rayn's hat

Rayn gave Zaylee this really cute hat when we were down there and Zaylee immediately wanted to wear it. Well, on the drive to St. George she found that it was a GREAT sun blocker. As soon as the sun started to shine in her eyes, she pulled it down to block it out and soon after she was out like a light! =)

Wilderness Trail Hike

When we were camping up in Oak Grove again we decided to go for a hike. Well, you can read the details of the hike on Steph's blog but here are the pictures:
This was at the first of the trail. I don't know what this is because I'm not very smart, but I still thought it looked really cool. Just to the left of it is the cocoon that it came out of.

Alex took this shot from the top of the trail. This is the top of Pine Valley Mountain from where he was.

Looking down at Oak Grove from the hike -

Quail Lake and Sand Hollow -

LaVerkin and Hurricane -

This is looking out toward Washington from about 10 minutes before the top of the trail.

The view was awesome and it was a fun hike. However, I advise to anyone that chooses to hike it, don't try it with children, take WATER!!!, and I don't think that just before noon is a good time--there is very little shade on the trail and it's HOT!

Daddy Daugther Fun

Okay, this is a two day post. First of all, I wanted to post of our trip to Enterprise. But, with all of the car drama that we had, I only got these pictures of Alex and Zaylee. Oh well, they are cute.

Alex climbed the tree:

And Zaylee shortly followed! (Okay, she didn't climb but with a little boost up, she joined him!)

And then I was thinking about what a fun dad Alex is and thought I would include these pictures from a few weeks ago (I am bummed that I didn't get any really good photos, but at least I got these). I came home from work one night to find this in my living room:

I didn't end up getting a picture of the two of them in the fort but they were having fun hiding from me in it!

St. George water park

Zaylee LOVED playing at the water park in St. George. Even though the water was cold, she had a blast. She would go crazy in the water, run up to me to have me wrap her up in her towel and then she would remember how fun the water was and run back for more. It was so fun watching her play!

The cold water would shock her everytime she put her head under but without fail, she would run to the next one to stick her head under it! What a goof!!

Our Birds

We came home from our vacation and look what we found! Little baby birds. The first picture was taken on the 15th when and then I took the 2nd picture today. It's amazing how quick they are growing.

Sorry about the angles...being short and all, I have to stand on a chair and then just hold the camera up above them and hope I get a good shot. =)