Tuesday, November 9, 2010


After a short break from school we are finally back in the swing of things. Zaylee has made me feel so good about what we've been accomplishing mainly just because she is so excited to get started doing it again. She told me that she missed having school. (Although she's not too happy that Jack gets to be a part of it because won't stop crying unless he's being held....she told him yesterday that this is HER school time and he could have his OWN school time another time!)

Anyway, the real reason for this post is today she told me, "I think you are like a good teacher, Mom!" It made me feel so happy that she thinks it and that at least I am somewhat successful in one thing I am trying to do!

So with that said, here she is playing with the Green playdough we made for our "G" day today.

The Christmas tree because we read the Grinch; the snail, just because.....

And here he is: Mister Happy Jack! (Pic taken by the Z'ster herself!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Jack has had quite a few first times this week. I did manage to catch a few of them on film and so here they are!

First bath at home (he hates these--except for when I wash his hair, he immediately quiets down and enjoys that part)

First nap with Daddy on the couch

First outing (2nd day after discharge follow-up visit to the pediatrician)

First Halloween

First cuddle with Mom and Zaylee

First hair spike (taken with a cell phone camera--thus the low quality....)

We sure love this guy!!

Oh and definitely this girl too! Zaylee got to help Daddy do her first big people's puzzle this week while he was off work:

And this guy too! (Actually taken last week on the walk attempt to induce labor naturally....yes, he is riding Zaylee's trike....) =)