Friday, December 17, 2010

Dance Recital

Zaylee had her first dance class recital. She loves the class and her teacher and we love watching her develop her talents and having fun!

This video is of the 2nd time around (they do each group twice...). So this version you miss the super excited wave she gave us when she finally found us in the audience but get to see her fascination with stage lights. =) Dancing quality: not quite as good as the first time but this one was the better video. So, enjoy!

Okay, nevermind....Blogger sucks and after trying to load the video for literally 9 hours I give up. If you want to see it, it's posted on facebook.....

P.S. She did take a solo bow at the end of the first dance (hilarious!) but unfortunately, we missed filming it. =(

The whole dance company:

We saw Santa!

Yesterday we decided to go pay a visit to Santa Claus. VERY EXCITING! Zaylee was so cute about it. When we got there, the line was blocking her view of him so she asked me to lift her up. "There he is!! I see him!!!" I asked her if she was going to sit on his lap and give him a great big hug. She said that she would and "I'm going to give him a KISS too!" Then immediately put both hands over her mouth with her big mischievious eyes showing how excited she was. It was great!

Jack, well, he wasn't so excited but hey he got his first photo with Santa and didn't even cry!

She gave the hug, forgot the kiss, told him what she wanted, forgot to ask where Mrs. Claus and the reindeer where, and after about 4 shots, finally smiled and looked at the camera for the picture.

So fun! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

One new picture

Too lazy to blog but couldn't pass this up. Again, it's a cell phone shot so I apologize for that. (Alex took the camera to work and forgot to bring it home......)

But, just look at my cutie!!!! =) Will try to update more sometime soon....or at least sometime in the future.....

(and no, I still don't know how to rotate photos....)