Friday, January 28, 2011

3 months

Holy Cow! He's already 3 months!!

We love you Jackers and are SO GLAD you are a part of our family!!

So what he's up to:

*Smiling and cooing but only when he wants to. He's great at avoiding eye contact!
*Loves having baths--once you get him in there. He cries and cries while you're putting him in but loves it once he remembers how great they are!
*Sleeping: well, ya not so much. He's up about 3 times a night still and daytimes he'll nap--as long as someone is holding him!
*Nicknames: Jackers, Grumpy Goose, Goober
*Favorite things: Watching Zaylee do whatever she may be doing, being held, listening to the piano, making whoever is holding him stand up, his binkie, and his fists.
*He is very alert and very active and loves to be a part of whatever is happening. If there are people around he wants to be up and looking and watching.
*He hates tummy time.

I spent like forever trying to get some good shots of him today for you all to see. These are my favorites because of his awesome expressions:

He's watching Zaylee run by

Can you see that smiling hiding there?? Love it!

Look closely, those are his furrowed eyebrows.... =)

This was while we were waiting for Zaylee to get out of dance class. Don't mind the dirty mirror--he was LOVING watching the road and the birds and anything that went by!

I tried to get a picture of the two of them together. Ummm...ya right! Take your pick cause this was as good as it got! =)

This one?

Or how about either of these?

I know, I know THIS ONE! =)

Thats okay! We love you both! Happy 3 months Jack!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 Months (plus a little)

**Okay, I wrote this post a month ago and just never posted it! So, here's a month ago and tonight I will do another one for Jack's 3 month....maybe.... =)

December has been such a BUSY month but we have LOVED it! For Jack's second month of life he was showered with visitors.

We had Grandma Barlow, Steph, Dave, Sammy, & Andrew for the first round. (Yes, he is in this photo--can't you see his legs kicking??) =)

Grandma and Grandpa Gubler for the second round.

And we just sent Nathan (the third round) home today. (Although we never did get a pic with Nathan and Jack both in it....hmm....maybe Nate didn't come to see Jack....maybe he just came on vacation and it happened to be right after Jack was born.....hmmm...something to think about.....) =)

How FUN!! =) We are ready for more though. Who is up for it???? =)

Now there is a lot to post about all the fun things we did during December but this post is to primarily update you all on Jack.

He is doing fantastic!

We went for his 2 month well baby appointment last week and he was already 12 pounds 7 ounces. Yes, he is a chubby one! (But believe it or not he is still in the 50th percentile). He is also smiling a lot now and loves to give his little half grin to us everytime we make eye contact so he can wrap us a little bit tighter around his little finger.

Yes, he does still cry a lot--he wouldn't be my baby otherwise--but he is sleeping actually really well (at least compared to how Zaylee was at this point). He goes to bed about 9 and sleeps until about 2 and then it varies. On a good night he'll sleep until 6-7 but on a bad night he is up every two hours afterwards.

He loves his big sister and likes to watch her craziness. She likes to teach him about the "little piggies" and loves to have him be Prince Charming whenever we are playing. She has also been known to mention that when he gets older we are going to get him a tutu so he can go to her dance class with her--Alex definitely scoffed when I told him that story! =)

We also had the opportunity to bless Jack at our house on the 22nd. It was a small crowd (we missed having all you family there!!) but it was a good one. Tracey, Ben, and Sam came down from Austin (you guys rock!), G & G Gubler, a member of the bishopric, and our little family made up the whole of it. It was a great night. Luckily, the day of the blessing Grandma Gubler reminded me that I had Alex's blessing outfit. So we cleaned it up a bit and used it for Jack's blessing. I love the sentimentality of it and am grateful that she reminded me that I had it.

By Christmas morning, Jack finally got the cooing down. He is SO cute to watch when he is cooing. He makes it look like it takes a full effort to get those sounds out but grins everytime he does it. Very proud of himself I would say! =)

And just oh, you guys would love him! So.....COME VISIT! =) (I know, not enough pictures....I will work on it!)