Saturday, April 25, 2009


WARNING: NOT FOR THE EASILY DISGUSTED (This will be a tad descriptive....)

Zaylee just pooped on the toilet!!! YEA!! Okay, so as you know, she's been interested...we really haven't focused too much on it but today she ran to her favorite pooping corner (between the wall and the fridge) and started grunting. We asked her if she wanted to poop on the toilet and when she came out Alex ran over to her to help. She sat on the toilet with "stuff" already partially coming out BUT....she kept on pushing and ker-plunk! SUCCESS!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our bird nest

Well, it's not really OURS but we'll call it ours anyway. This is just outside of our back door. Everytime we open the door we see a bird fly away but we haven't been able to figure out what kind it is yet. I took the first two pictures about a week ago and then the last one just today. We're going to have babies!!

Zaylee's new unpleasant feat...

Well, I was going to post a picture, but decided I probably better not. As I previously mentioned, she likes to take her diaper off and run around naked. Well, her new thing is when she wakes up in the middle of the night instead of just crying and shaking her bed until we come and get her, she now has decided to take off her pj's, throw her diaper out of the crib, then cry, and shake her bed. This has happened nightly for the last 3 or 4 nights.... Last night we got a picture of it... due to child nudity it won't be posted, but here is what happens in the end:

Yes, that is my bed and her hogging it after we got her redressed the other night. Luckily, this was taken after Alex got up so he wasn't completely kicked out of the bed. Kasey suggested using a onesie to prevent the diaper removal...we tried that today...she can get that off as well. Any other suggestions????

Early Mother's Day/Birthday Present

So, I have many of these (early presents) but I thought I would quickly blog about this deal that we just got.

I got these at Shopko for $30 (after rebate)! I was pretty excited. If any of you have seen my current pots and pans you would be excited for me, too! The set has a roasting pan, open grill, 2 frying pans, sautepan w/lid, 4 pots w/lids, and 6 nylon tools. Pretty cool huh!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh wait...

One last cute photo that I forgot to post but I can't resist showing off:


We had such a fun Easter in LaVerkin with family. We always have such fun holidays! We started Saturday by attending the LaVerkin city Easter egg hunt. **warning: this post will have an overload of pictures so just be prepared to sit back & enjoy!**

Zaylee would reach to pick up one piece of candy,

And then pick up her basket and move on to find one more piece of candy.

Therefore, we didn't end up with a lot of candy but even with that, Daddy still tried to raid!!

After the hunt, we went in search of the Easter bunny and some balloons. At first Zaylee was so excited to go see the Easter bunny but when she actually got up to him and he turned to her she freaked out a bit. This was the only picture we were able to get:

She loved the balloons though!

After the hunt we went and hung out at Levi & Saddie's house. Zaylee loved playing with Tomas and I loved holding baby Hazel! We didn't get any pictures but I should've as Zaylee and Tomas played in the fenced in backyard! (oh how I wish I had one of those!!) (Again, sorry Saddie about Zaylee taking your clean clothes out onto the wet back lawn--twice!!)

Then after a short stint at Grandma Gubler's (where she managed to only break one thing in an hour and a half) we moved on to Grandma and Grandpa Heatons for a FANTASTIC lunch and headed out for Easter Egg Hunt the 2nd.

All the kids heading out to hunt:

The hunt in progress:

Enjoying the spoils!

Afterwards we headed back to Grandma Gubler's for a much needed nap in preparation for Easter Egg Hunt the 3rd & 4th. Of these, unfortunately didn't get any photos. The 3rd was for the kids and the 4th was for us adults. Grandma Gubler, you are amazing! It was a ton of fun! Afterwards it was time for making rice krispy easter eggs.

On Sunday, we headed out to church (where Zaylee wanted us to stay for all three hours so she could go to nursery--what a righteous little girl!) =) and then headed off to St. George to visit Grandma Barlow and Aunt Steph and family. We had fun scrounging empty cupboards to see if we could make a dinner out of what we had and then by playing Settlers of Catan with Steph and Ryan. Thanks for playing guys!

Monday morning before heading home, we went on a scavenger hunt to find Great-Grandma Gubler so we could visit her (no one told us she moved!!). Zaylee at first was very shy but as soon as she found the swing in the front yard it was a battle getting her to leave.

And that about sums it up! What a fun weekend! Thanks everyone! We love you!!

Catching up...

First things first...if you are a faithful follower of my blog, sorry I've been such a slacker lately!! I really haven't had a whole lot to post about (either that, or I'm just to lazy to!!)

I'll first tell you all about Zaylee's new conquests and then we'll move on to the Easter pictures.

Zaylee loves to play dress up. Unfortunately, we don't have any clothes for her to really play dress up in so she takes off the ones she is wearing and raids her dresser. This is a DAILY occurrence!

All alone:

With Daddy's help!:

Other things she's up to:
*taking off her diaper and running around the house naked (we've only had one accident up to this point--*sarcastic* "yippee!!")
*sitting on the potty with her toilet seat--she can even climb up by herself! (no success of anything but sitting but at least we've gotten that far!)
*scooting chairs up to the counters, climbing and getting into trouble!
*stuffing wads of paper up her nose
*learning how to take her own movies out and starting a new one when I tell her "no more shows!"
*asking "why?" over and over when I tell her to "get down from there!!"

*and of course, being her cute little self and making us laugh all the time! =)