Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching up...

First things first...if you are a faithful follower of my blog, sorry I've been such a slacker lately!! I really haven't had a whole lot to post about (either that, or I'm just to lazy to!!)

I'll first tell you all about Zaylee's new conquests and then we'll move on to the Easter pictures.

Zaylee loves to play dress up. Unfortunately, we don't have any clothes for her to really play dress up in so she takes off the ones she is wearing and raids her dresser. This is a DAILY occurrence!

All alone:

With Daddy's help!:

Other things she's up to:
*taking off her diaper and running around the house naked (we've only had one accident up to this point--*sarcastic* "yippee!!")
*sitting on the potty with her toilet seat--she can even climb up by herself! (no success of anything but sitting but at least we've gotten that far!)
*scooting chairs up to the counters, climbing and getting into trouble!
*stuffing wads of paper up her nose
*learning how to take her own movies out and starting a new one when I tell her "no more shows!"
*asking "why?" over and over when I tell her to "get down from there!!"

*and of course, being her cute little self and making us laugh all the time! =)


rayndrop said...

i love all the things she's up to. Kasey told me one too. that when she picks her nose and you say ewww, gross! she sticks her finger in her mouth and says Yum!

Stephanie said...

haha! Gotta love the booger eaters! I have one of those myself! She looks terrific! How fun to make her own costumes!