Thursday, July 2, 2009

First nail polish

Okay, I know this is a dorky thing to blog about but it's a first! I was painting my toenails today and Zaylee sat there watching. Then all of a sudden...."me too, Mommy?" She sat on my lap so nicely while we painted her toenails. And she was so excited when we finished. It's a silver nail polish so you can't see it in the photos too well but here they are!

Playing with cousins

The other day Zaylee and I went down to Kasey's to play. Zaylee had so much fun. We are so glad that Kasey lives close enough that these kids have the chance to play together and have fun.

Afterwards, Kasey and I decided to put on movie for the kids while we watched one ourselves. Of course, the kids got bored before we did. Towards the end, they took off upstairs (which is bad because the first time they did this it ended in Dryden eating the rest of the candy in my purse and Zaylee and Emory finishing off the rest of my gum). But, since our movie was almost over we decided to just leave them there and finish our movie in peace. I know, scary! Well, after the show we went upstairs to find all three sitting around the kitchen table happy as could be. Dryden had gotten each of them bowls, poured their cereal, and sat the boxes in front of the girls so they would have something to read while they ate. It was SO cute!!