Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Zaylee's first day of Pre-Kindergarten! YEA!! She was SO super excited! We went to back to school a few days ago and she got to meet her new teacher. Everyday after she asked if she could go meet her new teacher again! When she woke up today she was stoked!!

She got to pick what she wanted to pick for her breakfast: French Toast

She got to pick out her own school outfit (nothing really different than everyday because we didn't buy her any new clothes for school and she picks her own clothes everyday anyway! but shh! don't tell!!) =)

Then it was off to school! She was so excited waiting to enter the building. She was dancing away! She noticed one girl had the same shoes and decided they were going to be friends. The little girl hid behind her dad. A different girl showed up and told Zaylee she wanted to be friends with her! This time it was Zaylee's turn to hide. Crazy girl!

When it was time to line up to go in I think the nerves finally got an edge on her. For the first time she was appeared to be a bit melancholy and reserved. (I know, shocker!!) But alas, with one extra coaxing word from her teacher she was off! Didn't even look back once. I found myself still standing there waiting to see what was going to happen when I realized that standing there was pointless. There was nothing left to see! My little girl is a big girl now! Headed off to school all on her own!

Finally 3:00 rolled around and Jack and I found ourselves standing at the corner waiting for her bus to arrive.

After quite a few extra minutes of standing in the (sweltering!) heat while the bus driver explained the safety rules of exiting the bus, out she came!!

What a girl!!! When asked how it was, she said, "It was fun! We sat on the blue rug, went to lunch, came back and sat on the blue rug and....I don't remember what else." =) Gotta love her!!!

Ah! My little munchkin is all grown up!!!