Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All dressed up....

Zaylee and I had a busy day yesterday. This picture was taken just before we headed out the door to go to Tiny Tot Tales at the library. I had her all dressed ready to go and asked her if she was ready. She ran in the living room and grabbed her purse then back in the kitchen to hand me her sunglasses to put on her. This picture was the end result.

We also went to the doctor for her 15 month check-up. He said she is looking great! She is just a tiny little thing though. She only weighed 20.13 pounds and was 29.4 inches. She is only in the 17th percentile on both. And her head, well it's just small. It measures in the 2nd percentile! Luckily, as the doctor said, at least she doesn't look disporportioned! I asked about the spots on her belly and cheek and he said that there is no way he can tell now if it was chicken pox or not but he said it very well could have been. And since she just had her vaccine at 12 months it could've just been a mild version. I kinda hope it was just because it was hardly anything at all. But anyway, she got 4 shots and now only has one more at 2 years and then she is done until kindergarten. YEA!! They rewarded her with a sucker and a ball though so she recovered quickly from the SCREAMING pain. =)

After we got home, we were just heading out to go visiting teaching and she managed to trip over her feet and fell right into the dresser. I of course told her she was fine and to hop up when she was screaming only to look down at her and see that she is gushing blood out of her mouth. Well, she had managed to bite right through her bottom lip. Luckily it is just a small cut and it clotted really quick. She seems fine with it now and just has an ugly little spot on her chin.

So, it was an eventful day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So you may remember a few months ago (well back in March) when I published a post about Zaylee finding the tupperware cupboard...well, now she's found it to a new extent. After emptying the cupboard today she decided to try it out for size. What a silly girl! (Please don't mind the pink cupboards and the stains inside...that's what happens when you rent a house that is about 80 years or more old). =)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Zaylee's ears

Zaylee is learning where her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are and we had a new development yesterday. I had been asking her where her ears were and she would just show me but then Alex asked her where her ears were and she pointed at them and started talking and pointing towards the bedroom. We figured out that she had connected Daddy, her ears, and her getting her ears checked (Alex using the otoscope to look in her ears). This is a regular at our house just so Alex can practice and Zaylee is becoming an expert patient. We thought the whole situation was quite funny. Here are some pictures to show you how good she is. Now I just wish she would hold that still and be that good when her regular doctor does it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hide and Seek

Zaylee loves playing hide and seek. This is where I found her hiding today. (To those of you who don't know my house, this is the little space between the fridge and the wall).

Playing in the rain

The other day we had quite the rainstorm so Alex, Zaylee, and I went out under our breezeway to watch it come down. But, Zaylee decided she didn't want to sit under the blanket! So after a quick dash into the house for the rain jacket, she was out and running. I don't know that she really knew what to think about it. She kept running back in under the roof but then shortly after was headed back out to explore. She's a funny girl!