Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So you may remember a few months ago (well back in March) when I published a post about Zaylee finding the tupperware cupboard...well, now she's found it to a new extent. After emptying the cupboard today she decided to try it out for size. What a silly girl! (Please don't mind the pink cupboards and the stains inside...that's what happens when you rent a house that is about 80 years or more old). =)


Summer said...

Hey Nicole! How are you! I found you on Shannon's page and thought it would be fun to say hi. Cute family. Hope youi are doing well! Summer Brooksby

Saddie said...

Tomas sure loves to look at your blog with all its pictures of Zaylee! He also loves climbing in cupboards too!

Stephanie said...

Funny, funny girl!! I'm waiting to see the pictures with her purse and sun glasses! :)
I can't believe she actually climbed in there, well ok, I can believe it because she is a monkey that will get into ANYTHING she can. But she sure looks cute doing it! She wants to come visit me! We aren't going to do the baptism until Nov. but you are welcome to come down anytime between now and then to visit :)