Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hide and Seek

Zaylee loves playing hide and seek. This is where I found her hiding today. (To those of you who don't know my house, this is the little space between the fridge and the wall).


Karen x x said...

Every time i see a picture of zaylee laughing i laugh too, i just think she is the cutest girl i ever saw :)

The DeMille Digest said...

Hi Nicole, your little girl is getting so big and so cute!

Saddie said...

Ahh.. the joys of hide-n-seek! Just look at that SMILE! Tomie chases my mom around and around while she hides and scares him. Lately he's taken to closing her in the closet so he can find her. Should I worry about that? :o)

CurtisOhana said...

Hey old friend! I found your blog through Melinda Rupp's. Your little girl looks just like you with blond hair. What a cute girl! Hope you're doing good.