Sunday, November 7, 2010


Jack has had quite a few first times this week. I did manage to catch a few of them on film and so here they are!

First bath at home (he hates these--except for when I wash his hair, he immediately quiets down and enjoys that part)

First nap with Daddy on the couch

First outing (2nd day after discharge follow-up visit to the pediatrician)

First Halloween

First cuddle with Mom and Zaylee

First hair spike (taken with a cell phone camera--thus the low quality....)

We sure love this guy!!

Oh and definitely this girl too! Zaylee got to help Daddy do her first big people's puzzle this week while he was off work:

And this guy too! (Actually taken last week on the walk attempt to induce labor naturally....yes, he is riding Zaylee's trike....) =)


Saddie said...

So THAT's what dads do on paternity leave - puzzles. Ha ha!

Your little pumpkin looks SO TEENY in that picture. Is he Jack the Pumpkin King?

I do love the spikey hair. It seems to suit him. Thanks for the pics. It seems too cruel that y'all are so far away, but this gets us a little closer.

Sammy said...

Sam and Drew LOVE all the pics but want to know what Alex was for halloween? Drew says Michael Jackson. Sammy doesn't know what he is. Sammy wants to know if Zaylee has asked to take Baby Jack out back on the play set yet. We sure love you ALL and miss you too!! Maybe it is time to get Alex his own "big boy" bike :)

Stephanie said...

Oh I miss you all! Thanks for posting a more pictures, they are awesome!

Alex said...

What fun pictures! Your new little guy sure is a cutie!

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Ah, I love all of these firsts! Hope life is great for you! He's a doll, and I love his hair!

Mubeen said...

Such sweet pics! Can't wait to meet the little guy and see you guys again!