Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daddy Daugther Fun

Okay, this is a two day post. First of all, I wanted to post of our trip to Enterprise. But, with all of the car drama that we had, I only got these pictures of Alex and Zaylee. Oh well, they are cute.

Alex climbed the tree:

And Zaylee shortly followed! (Okay, she didn't climb but with a little boost up, she joined him!)

And then I was thinking about what a fun dad Alex is and thought I would include these pictures from a few weeks ago (I am bummed that I didn't get any really good photos, but at least I got these). I came home from work one night to find this in my living room:

I didn't end up getting a picture of the two of them in the fort but they were having fun hiding from me in it!

1 comment:

rayndrop said...

ahh forts. made out of blankets. in the living room. i remember those. glad to see he's keeping the tradition alive!