Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wilderness Trail Hike

When we were camping up in Oak Grove again we decided to go for a hike. Well, you can read the details of the hike on Steph's blog but here are the pictures:
This was at the first of the trail. I don't know what this is because I'm not very smart, but I still thought it looked really cool. Just to the left of it is the cocoon that it came out of.

Alex took this shot from the top of the trail. This is the top of Pine Valley Mountain from where he was.

Looking down at Oak Grove from the hike -

Quail Lake and Sand Hollow -

LaVerkin and Hurricane -

This is looking out toward Washington from about 10 minutes before the top of the trail.

The view was awesome and it was a fun hike. However, I advise to anyone that chooses to hike it, don't try it with children, take WATER!!!, and I don't think that just before noon is a good time--there is very little shade on the trail and it's HOT!

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Stephanie said...

Ryan says the bug is a cicada, and it is actually it's old skin that is had shed. Remember girls camp in Nevada one year, there were about a million of the skins under EVERY tree! NASTY little things!!