Monday, March 28, 2011

5 months!

Jackers is 5 months and he has had a very growing month this time around!

*Tried and DISLIKED rice cereal
*Learned to do raspberries (and did them over and over until his face was soaked for that first week!)
*Rolled back to belly and now you can't lay him down anywhere without him rolling himself clear around the room!
*Started sitting up (he's still pretty wobbly but he's almost got it down!)
*Spent a few hours with his first non family member babysitter (and didn't cry the whole time either--yes that does mean he spent a bit of it that way....)
*Got REALLY grumpy because of his teeth moving around and not even being close to poking through yet but enough to make him ornery.
*Started sleeping better!!!! YEA!!! We finally decided it was time to start making him cry himself to sleep. SO SAD but SO worth it. He is now only getting up typically once a night and everyone (ie. mommy) is MUCH happier as a result.
*Takes about 3 one hour naps during the day.

Wahoo! He sleeps!!

At Seaworld over spring break

We sure love this guy!


Mubeen said...

Cute cute Jackers!! We miss you! Yay for sleeping!! :)

~johnny becky hazel~ said...

Ah lucky lucky lucky that he sleeps! YAY!!!! And how in the heck is he already 5 months? This can't be true. We'll definitely need to hang out as soon as the fam leaves! (p.s. glad Hazel's b-day helped you realize that your child has progressed in age too, ha).