Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Party

We went to a fun Easter party today and we had a special guest visitor show up....


Zaylee was SO excited!!!

She ran and hugged him, ran into the house and found her bunny ears, and ran back out to show him (notice in the second picture the sly look on her face awesome!), and then posed again with Jack.

She must have seen the costume hanging in the bedroom after our guest changed though....she came running up to whisper to me that it wasn't REALLY the Easter was just a human in there! =)


Steph said...

lol what a smartie!! So cute!!

Saddie said...

Clever girl! Happy Easter!!!

Whenever I tell Tomy that Dryden and Emory are coming to visit he asks if Zaylee is coming too. He sure misses that girl!