Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New Hairdo

So, the guy that cut it said that it actually was a bad cut because her hair is so fine it would be hard to hide the blunt side cuts. He basically decided to do an adult haircut (he said it's the Victoria Beckham from last year hair cut) to try to hide her work. The front and top didn't need much after her cut just a little straightening and then he cut the back way short to match it all. The final result:

(Tried to catch her while running...didn't work so well)

(Not a head on shot but it gives you a good view of the overall)

(And just too cute to resist posting!) =)

Overall, I think it's cute. Totally voided her purpose for cutting it in the first place, though, now it's going to be constantly hanging in her face! =)


Brooke said...

She looks so cute. I love the cut and I think it turned out so good.

Heather said...

It looks so cute. Hopefully it's a first and last. If you remember it took Autumn a couple times to get it out of her system. Hope all is well in Texas. We miss you guys.

Sheldon and Chelsea said...

Cute! I like it. The story was halarious but she ended up with a cute do in the end! We hope all is well. So what do you think about Texas??? Let us know how things are going!

Sammy said...

Oh MY HECK!! It is SO short!!! She really did a number! I LOVE it! She looks so super cute! It makes her look so much older. I agree with the not going to keep it out of her dinner though! lol. You'll have to take one with it pulled back and send it to me so I can see the sides.