Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What 3 months can bring....

-- A new car! YEA! and not so yea.... Sucks when one breaks down right before a big move, but nice to travel in a new car!

-- A COT graduate and a new job! YEA!!

-- A move to San Antonio, TX ~~kinda yea!!~~ =) (Sorry no TX sign picture)

-- A new house (to rent)! YEA!!

-- 31 weeks of pregnancy (well that didn't happen in 3 months but that's where I'm finally at!) YEA!!

A lot of good things going on around the Gubler house. These are the highlights. I'll be posting hopefully reguarly for the next few days to give a few better updates but until then....that's what you have to look forward to hearing about.


The DeMille Digest said...

Cute new house, cute belly, cute new hair cut for Zaylee and nice lookin' new car!

Brooke said...

Your new house looks so nice. Yay for changes.