Saturday, September 4, 2010


The last weekend in August we had the chance to go to Seaworld for what I am assuming will be the first of many times. It was Sam's birthday (Zaylee's cousin that just moved to Austin for those of you that don't know...) and Tracey and Ben invited us to go with them. We had so much fun!! We didn't quite make it there when it opened (even though we live less than 10 minutes away--yes, we can see the rollercoaster from our back windows) but we did stay until almost close. We loved it. So, here are the photos:

We went to both the Shamu and the Azul shows. They were awesome. However, I think honestly we all liked the Azul show best. We decided to go to it last minute before we left the part and we loved it. It was a VERY cool show! (Tracey, I highly recommend it; however, it does have a few spots where birds fly overhead. We could warn you and you could close your eyes....=) ).

These are the photos from the Shamu show:

And these are the photos from the Azul show:

There were also divers and other little acts inbetween things that were VERY cool but I didn't get any photos--too busy enjoying! =)

Favorite animal spots? Well, Alex and I both agreed that our favorite were the Sea Lions. Very cool!

Zaylee's? Well she never said, but she keep talking about the sharks so we'll assume that! =) Didn't get any good photos from that but here is one that kinda turned out! =) The one underneath I included just because it looks FREAKY!

After playing in one splashpad area, Zaylee decided it was time to go to the waterpark to play. We played at there for almost 2 hours and of course had a blast there but the camera didn't get to participate so no photos of that. We'll definitely go play there again though! (These are at the splash pad...)

And finally (but really it happened at the first of the day....), Zaylee got to go on one ride while we were there--which she absolutely loved!!!--

By the end of the day Zaylee was starving and exhausted. This was her final snack--popcorn. Here is her hoarding her popcorn. She WOULD NOT share! It was hilarious! =)

Thanks for inviting us Tracey! Seaworld: I'm sure we'll see you again sometime soon!


Stephanie said...

Will you take me if I come visit? You look like you had a ball.

rayndrop said...

we just got back from Sea World! (in San Diego, of course!) glad you had a good time.

Mubeen said...

I'm so glad you blog! I just found out from Rayn's blog. It was so good seeing you guys! I'm going to be waiting to hear from you about the State Fair...hint, hint! ;) PS. Email me at so I can invite you to our blog!

The Heaton's said...

How fun! Shawn told us that he was able to see you guys last month! Hope all is well with you all!