Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dallas Cowboys

One of the best parts of moving to San Antonio? Alex is finally amongst his crowd....San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Cowboys. What could be better than that?? (At least in Alex's opinion...). He loves the painted driveways sporting the Spurs and the Cowboys, being able to walk into almost any store and see the paraphernalia of the two best teams in the world, and being able to attend Cowboy's training practice here in San Antonio.

That was one of the most important things that we did during our first couple weeks of being here. =)

Clear over on the other side of this photo in the white jersey with the coach standing in front of him--he's bent down looking the other way--is where you will find the infamous Tony Romo! To his left--stretching along with everyone else--is one of my favorites....Jason Witten. Yes, that is as close to them as we got! =)

And then my battery died. All the other photos I got were crappy and blurry! Bummer huh! Oh, well. It was still fun! =)

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