Friday, October 8, 2010

Zaylee's Preschool Stuff

We (Zaylee and I) are trying to do preschool time with just the two of us at home. I have to say we have done pretty good if I do say so myself. We do it for 45 mins to an hour a day Monday thru Friday. (Excluding most Wednesdays because the library is doing ABC story time where they are coincidently working on the same letter of the alphabet that we are on!) For preschool, we do story time, "brain activity time" where we work on learning letters and writing letters--basically anything that requires her thinking, and then we have "skill building activity time." For this we do anything from learning how to properly use scissors (don't remind me of the hair...), to baking, to playing catch, anything basically. Some days are definitely better than others. We tried to do a treat everyday that corresponded with the letter but then we just ended up having a ton of junk in the house we didn't need and we tried to do singing time but well...neither of us were enjoying that so it went by the wayside.

Anyway, that was just the background info. We've done some fun things during school time. The slideshow is a view of what her idea to do for activity time yesterday. It wasn't what we had planned but we improvised. I think she did a great job! Check it out. (You can move your mouse over the photo to freeze it and read the words if you can't see them good enough).

I'll do a separate post of other fun things we've done at school time. So once again, stay tuned...

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Sammy said...

YOU ROCK!!! I mean seriously YOU ROCK!!!! She is absolutely learning stuff and the effort you are putting in is tremendous!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the books! Way to go Z, you are amazing!!!
OH and the slidshow of them is amazing too!!So over all GREAT JOB!!!!