Friday, October 8, 2010

A few other things we've done

Okay so now I will catch up the few other things we have done lately (or actually some that are not so lately that I'm just barely getting around to posting about....)

**Face Painting at the Oktoberfest at Port San Antonio (Alex is such a great sport--he got one on each cheek!):

(Sorry for the low quality of photos...she refused to pose nicely that night....)

**Very First Dentist appointment:

She did FANTASTIC!! We talked about it for a few days before the appointment and she was amazing. The dentist has a great office that is really welcoming to the kids which I am sure helps a ton. But she let them do it all without a fuss at all. The cleaning, the poking and scraping, and even posed for x-rays! What an awesome girl! Outcome: her enamel is wearing off so unless it slows down she'll probably need caps. Bummer. Guess she got my teeth.

**Visit to Uncle Shawn's and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!:

**Dallas (Just a few photos from the car...):

Yes, that is the first longhorn we have seen....still not a good look.....

Taken by Zaylee on the way home:

Thanks guys we had so much fun!!! =)

**Zaylee just started dance classes. She loves them! She has been waiting and waiting for the day that she got to start and she is so excited to get to go every week. There is a lady in our ward that teaches them and who is also her nursey leader so Zaylee thinks it's awesome! She is doing beginning tap and ballet. I asked her to show me what she learned but she told me no. And that if I wanted to see her dance well I would just have to go to her class and watch her. Such a sweet little girl! First day:

**Zaylee posing (just because she is cute and wanted to that day!):

**And finally her being the bully at the park. The first photo she was freaking out because she wanted me to come take a picture of her. The second well that's the bully part. Everyone else wanted to climb and she was trying to push them off (okay not literally or I wouldn't have been taking photos but she definitely didn't want them on there!):

Phew! What an exhausting life this poor girl has!! =)

And in case you just tuned in, make sure you scroll down a lot. I was on a roll today so there is quite a lot of new stuff posted!! =)


Mubeen said...

Cute! Y'all have been busy!....but busy having fun is a good thing :)

Saddie said...

Your preschool stuff looks so fun!

I'm glad you posted some more stuff. Tomy just kept shouting "there's Zaylee, there's Zaylee, there's Zaylee!" every time I scrolled down to a new picture. Yeah, it's safe to say that we miss you, but we're glad you're having a fun adventure in Texas. Maybe someday we'll find some money laying around that's not already earmarked for something else and come on down for a visit.

The Heaton's said...

Okay, I LOVE her cute! It looks like you are having a fab time in TX. We are planning a trip to TX in April so maybe there will be a chance to see you guys and that new little one possibly! Alex reminds me alot of Adam. Always getting talked into do girly stuff! They are such good sports! Just wait till the finger nail polish gets pulled out! lol!

rayndrop said...

i am loving zaylee's hair as well.

it looks like we're going to get to start having dance offs with all the dancers in the family now!
can't wait to see video of the first recital.