Friday, October 8, 2010

Preschool activities

Don't laugh. I never claimed to be a creative or talented person. I've just learned that it doesn't matter really what the end result looks like it's the time spent learning and growing together. With that clause added, as promised, here are some of the fun things we've done (this is mixture of both the brain activities and skill so there is no specific pattern to what you are going to see):

Gingerbread man made of yarn:

Dream Catcher:

Visiting the Duck Pond:

Autumn Leaves:

Homemade finger paints:

Bean Bear:

Card for Daddy & a Heart attack

Animal Puppets:

Alphabet Jello Jigglers:

Decorate for Halloween:

Eyeball Cookies (that's Zaylee's scary face!):

And those are a few things we have done. There are others as well but nothing that was photographed at the time (besides the museum to see the dinosaur exhibit--but those are on Alex's phone so.....) or can not still be photographed like blowing bubbles, baseball cupcakes, building a tent to "camp" in, and eating "ants on a log."

So you may ask if she's learning anything. I say it all depends on the day. Some days I am amazed because I think she actually is and I am succeeding in my goal. Other days I say, "what in the world was I thinking! Completely ineffective!!" Oh well, at least we are having fun! =)


Mubeen said...

You are such a wonderful mom!! LOVE all the creative ways you are teaching Zaylee!

Brooke said...

Zaylee is so dang cute. I love that haircut on her. I know she took part in making it that way but it looks so great on her.

The Heaton's said...

What a fun mom you are! I think I will take some of your ideas! Zaylee is sure growing up fast! What a cutie!

rayndrop said...

i started laughing when you said "don't laugh." you are creative and talented! and you're the best mommy to that little girl. great job.

Alex said...

What a fun mommy you are! Looks like so much fun! Zaylee sure is lucky to have such a great mom! Keep up the great work Zaylee and Nicole!