Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steph's Family's New Horse

For Christmas, Steph's family got a new horse (bet you didn't get that from the title of the post, huh....) =) With Zaylee being all excited about horses this Christmas, we knew she'd loved it so we headed over to Washington to go for a ride.

Zaylee absolutely loved feeding the little pony that was there. I think that that was one of her favorite parts. She let him/her eat out of her hand like one time and then after that she would grab the hay, throw it in the stall and say, "here's your dinner horsey!"

Alex found that he too like feeding the horse. (He said this one kinda reminded him of Grandpa Heaton's horse).

The horse, decided that the hay wasn't enough and started going for the strings on Alex's jacket. It was funny!

But even if Alex wouldn't let him eat him, they still decided they could be friends. (I know, I know, I am corney!) =)

Finally, we got to meet Patches. He joined the Burch/Adams family this Christmas. What a fun present!

We asked Zaylee who she wanted to ride with: Mommy, Daddy, or Aunt Steph? No hesitation, Aunt Steph won that battle easily. She didn't have a whole lot to say while she was riding but she seemed to enjoy it. She even reached down and played with Patches mane during the ride!

Of course, I took a turn, but chose not to have a picture of it. I haven't ridden in YEARS and was a little shy about it but I did it and I didn't even fall off! =)

Alex on the other hand was an expert. (Gotta love the face, Alex!)

He even had to show me up by running with Patches (I freaked out when he started to trot!). I have to admit, I was impressed--I'm obviously not much of a cowgirl!

Somewhere in between the posing and the running Alex did ride with Zaylee for a minute for her second time around.....

So, after all was done we were able to say we all successfully rode a horse and it was fun! Thanks for letting us Steph and Dave!

(I just thought this was a cute photo so I had to throw it in!)


Brooke said...

Zaylee looks so cute in her hat. You have been doing so good on updating your blog

Saddie said...

Tomy and Hazel really liked this post and now can't stop talking about Zaylee.