Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Presents

You'd think that with getting a new camera for Christmas (yea!!) that I would have a ton of photos. Well, I don't. We video taped the opening of presents and then the day was just busy so not many got taken. However, I do have a few. So sit back and enjoy!

First of all, we have to start of with Grandma Gubler's Christmas tree--she's amazing. This is one of the three trees. I didn't get pictures of the others but I love them!

Of course, we have to get Alex being a great poser for my first shot with my new camera....

Zaylee was so excited about opening presents (okay so this picture is not the best image describing that but really she was!!). This is one of the presents from Grandma. When we were opening the presents that morning she was so excited! She kept telling us that "this is not yours, this is mine!" It was great! She loved it!

As you can tell, the piggy bank from Grandma was definitely one of those presents she loved!

Almost all of the whole clan getting ready to open presents from Grandma (and Grandpa--we know Grandma did all of the work but he gets some credit, right??) and gifts from the siblings:

Okay, so this picture might have been a better description of the excitement she had opening the presents....gotta love her!!

And somewhere through it all, Zaylee found a spot that she thought was a great place to rest from all of the activities--Grandpa's belly. She sure loves her grandpa! =)


Ian and Lara said...

Fun pictures! I love your family pictures too. It still amazes me that you have a blonde little girl. She is so cute!

Saddie said...

Christmas sounds like "it was great!" teehee. It was fun to have you all visit for the holidays.

PS How goes the epic adventure known as toilet training? I think Tomy just might have it down. Yippee!