Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting closer....

Okay, so I'm getting close to being caught up but still not quite yet. While playing with family for over a week, we found that the kids needed some out of the house time. Well, actually Alex came up with the idea. Brilliantly, he decided to ask the kids (before asking the parents mind you) if they wanted to go to Jumpin' Jacks! Of course there was a resounding "YES!" Meanwhile the adults all wondered how much we were going to have to spend and who was going to be "lucky" enough to go and hang out with all the little ones! Pretty soon we were off!

It was fun! Great idea, Alex! =)

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Saddie said...

We took Tomy to Jumpin' Jacks awhile back for a cousins birthday and he just cried and cried. If it wasn't for the little old school quarter fed merry-go-round, the whole outing would have been a bust. There are definitely benefits to having a bold little girl.