Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay, so this was the only photo that was actually taken on Halloween night. I know, pathetic of me. This photo was actually taken by our landlord. It's her husband and two of their three kids that are in the photo with us.

It was such a fun night. Zaylee had a blast knocking on doors and saying "treat" to everyone that answered. We tried to get her to say trick-or-treat but for some reason treat was all she could get out! =) She tried to end with "Happy Halloween!" But it ended up more like "Happy Do Do." (Don't know where that one came from!!) Over all it was really fun night! Zaylee even had a chance to use her "Care Bear Stare!" on a barking dog. The owners got a kick out of that one!

Hope you all had a great one as well!

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The Heaton's said...

What a fun night! You guys look great!