Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick updates

So yes, we are now proud owners of a brand new partially eaten library book!! Hurray!! And it only cost $21.00! How fun! **yes, very sarcastic!** I did just end up taking it in and explaining the situation. They were nice about it but seemed to be absolutely flabbergasted that she actually ate it! Oh, well, that's my girl! =)

Also, I was asked to tell what was in our 72 hour kit meal bags. Well, I didn't want to list them all here so I am going to link you to the website that I got the idea from. So, click here if you are interested in looking at it. We did do a few minor changes to what they suggested but basically just followed their plan. Just arrow down a bit and you will see the day by day outline.


The Heaton's said...

Thanks for sharing that information! That gives me some great ideas! Glad the book thing went well:)!

Stephanie said...

DANG!! You should have taken Carolyn's suggestion an got an ebay replacement! That was one expensive little meal Miss Zaylee partook of!