Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday for play date we went pumpkin hunting!

The kids had a blast riding in the wheelbarrow:

Zaylee just couldn't hold still she kept running and running--there were too many pumpkins to see them all!

I did finally get her to sit down long enough to pose for a couple of photos!

Afterwards we headed over to our friends house for painting, eating, and Cinderalla watching:

That evening we decided for Family Home Evening to carve pumpkins for our activity. Now, I haven't done this in years but it was fun!!

Zaylee didn't actually pull any of the guts out, but she looked in and promptly responded "Ewww! That's cucky!!"

Zaylee added a little marker to her painted pumpkin:

My carving (I know not very original):

Alex's one eyed monster:

Final finished pumpkin family (with a handsome man in the background & a cute girl poking around the side!):

What a fun day!!


And this is what happens when you not watching your child because you are too busy posting about pumpkins and you forgot to take care the markers from the night before!!!


Stephanie said...

She is such a funny kid! Looks like you all had a ball.

Saddie said...

...and that's why we only invest in washable marker ;)

Did the kids' snack look like jack-o-lanterns intentionally, or was that a happy happenstance?

Nicole said...

lol....Saddie--I hadn't even noticed the jack-o-lantern snacks! Nope, it wasn't intentional but our sub-conscious definitely had a great idea!

Stephanie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Looks like you have been having WAY too much fun! I love Zaylee's body art...she looks AMAZING!! Your pumpkin looks GREAT!!! I think that is VERY creative! Much better than I would have done!!