Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lots of fun!!

Look how cute she is playing in Brad's pool!! See, you want to come to her party and play with her! Not to mention you all get to see each other! =) So, I am trying to decide which everyone would prefer timewise and food wise....notice the poll on the right hand side....please VOTE! I am very indecisive and would love to have your input.

Also, the horse shoe posts are in the ground and ready to be played with! (Speaking of which, Alex and I had a trial run with it last night and I kicked his butt 5-1!)


Sheldon and Chelsea said...

Hey, computers sure are smart. Sheldon and I tried to vote several times for our prefrence, but it would let us. It is probably better that it didn't let us, we wouldn't want to skew your results :)

Sheldon and Chelsea said...

I meant to say it would NOT let us.

Heather said...

She's so cute. I can't believe it's birthday time for her already.