Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Zaylee and I went on a walk to deliever primary cd's today and stopped by a lady's house in our ward who trains and shows horses. Well, she let me and Zaylee go into the barn and pet the horses and play with her dog. At first Zaylee was absolutely freaked out by the horses but when the lady started to feed them their horse cookies, Zaylee couldn't get enough of them. She didn't dare to touch them but was totally awed by them. Every time I would turn around she would try to get me to move out of her way so she could see them. She was bouncing in my arms and slapping my shoulder. She loved them! As for the dog, when we were leaving the barn she kept talking to her ("kiki! kiki!," "uh, uh"--you know just the normal baby language stuff) and then she finally got brave enough to let me set her down by the doggy while she petted her. It was a blast! I wish I would've had my camera!

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Stephanie said...

That is amazing that she was talking to the dog too, what kind of dog was it?