Thursday, January 10, 2008

Playing with Blocks

Howdy everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted so I figured today would be a great day to do so! Here is Alex and Zaylee playing with one of her new favorite toys....blocks. She normally is the one with the block in her mouth but this time Alex thought he would try to do the perfect impersonation of her--he did a pretty good job, at least I think so! The cute outfit she's sporting is from Christmas from Grandma Barlow and Aunt Steph. She looks so cute!! We love her new clothes! We are all doing great! We are loving Alex's new school schedule because we all get to be home together a little bit more, which I absolutely love! And stay tuned, I have another cute outfit to post a picture of her in so next time she wears it we'll be back! =)


Stephanie said...

How CUTE! It looks like she is having a great time! Andrew said "what is Alex CRAZY doing??" haha. He wanted to know if he REALLY ate that block. :)
We miss you so you should come down with Kurt and Jill next week and visit again!

Mother Goose said...

Isn't it fun watching daddies playing with their little girls?!


Lacey.costner said...

awww that is way cute!

Amy said...

Too cute!! We might be coming to visit over spring break. I'll let you know if we do. It would be fun to see all of you, especially Zaylee since they change so fast:)