Saturday, January 19, 2008

7 Months Today!!

So instead of a picture of Zaylee today you get to see what her 7 month birthday present from the doctor was! At the doctors office yesterday we found out that she has her first ear infection. The doctor almost didn't catch it at first because there was a lot of wax blocking his view but after a few minutes he said that he just didn't feel okay with letting her go without pulling the wax out and looking behind it. Luckily he did! He said she has a really bad ear infection and he decided he needed to take a double look just to make sure it wasn't going to burst because it looked so bad. So, he said, "no wonder she hasn't been feeling good!" and gave her an antibotic and some pain medication. He said she also has the cold/congestion junk that has been going around but she'll just have to fight that one off on her own. She hates the antibiotic and does everything she possibly can to spit it out--including gargling when I do get it back to the back of her throat and then spitting to make sure it gets more on me and her clothes than in her mouth. She's such a little smarty pants! =)

One other quick sidenote, we also found out that she weighs exactly 16 pounds. We didn't find out her height or percentiles but I'm sure it's pretty much around the same as 6 months.

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Mother Goose said...

My weird baby loves the taste of medicine. She gets so excited when I pull it out. You would think she was getting candy. Good luck!