Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where'd Daddy Go?

Last night we were playing hide-and-seek before bedtime. Alex is always saying that he is running out of hiding spaces in our house (there aren't many places to hide in a small house.....) so he found a place that would've been great where Zaylee never would have found him if I wouldn't have spoiled it all by helping (or so he says...). =)


So Zaylee and I decided to try it out.

She didn't want to get out!!

Oh, the fun that can be found in the tiniest spots..... =)


Stephanie said...

you guys are crazy! I love that last picture of Zaylee! What a cutie!

The Heaton's said...

How fun! Those are sweet pictures! That is one cute smile that little girl has!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, how cute is she! She's getting so big and I've never even seen her, or you since you've been married probably ha ha, hopefully we can have another big family get together soon :) And good luck with the Air Force!