Saturday, April 19, 2008

10 Months Old

I can't believe how fast she is growing! Zaylee just keeps getting bigger and brighter everyday. She is finally getting her first tooth (nothing to show by camera yet but you can feel the tooth breaking through), she is taking a few steps (only four at a time and it's a quick, quick, fall kinda walk but still), getting into everything, and finally, she LIKES people!! =) It's such a happy occasion! We took her to Alex's end of the year social for his doctorate program and she was the life of the party. She was letting a ton of different people hold her, smiling at everyone, and just putting on an overall show. It was fun. Speaking of which...I want to quickly tell everyone that they awarded scholarships for next year to 3 of the audiology students based on academic and clinical performance and Alex was awarded 1 of the top scholarships! YEA for him!! Back to the party there was a huge dog (a mix between a German shepard and something else) that Zaylee loved playing with. She went right up to him and starting 'attacking' him. He was really good with her though and even let her tug his hair. Afterwards we went to a classmates house so they could work on a presentation and they have two little dogs (terriers) that loved licking Zaylee's face. She handled it really well and just kept pushing them away from her. Eventually she was sick of it and picked up a cd case and held it in front of her face to block the tongues! =) She's a smarty! I don't know her weight or her height but it seems she's getting bigger everyday. Enjoy the pics. (P.S. the pics of her in the car was when we were stopped yard selling--I promise when we took off she was in her car seat!! But if you have a sec click on the 1st pic of her in the car, her expression is GREAT!)


The Moody Blacks said...

So cute and so big. I can't believe it. Tell Alex congrats. Hope to see you guys soon.

Stephanie said...

HOLY SMOKES!! It's a good thing you are coming down here this weekend. She is going to be all grown up and we are missing it all. She is doing SO good in that picture standing by herself. It looks like she just walked right out of the room. I love the expression in the first pic. Kinda reminds me of Rueben Evans playing basketball! haha!!

STAUDEN said...

Oh she's so cute!

English Rose said...

Oh wow, she is such a cutey!! Is that my hat in that picture?? If it is I'm so pleased it fit eventually. It's so much cuter to see it on a baby than in my hands.
You look so happy being a Mom. Your hair looks amazing btw. You look gorgeous!.