Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Playing

The first picture, Zaylee was just sitting in her bouncy with a couple of different toys until she dropped them on the floor then she discovered the hanging toys on the seat. She kicked them around for awhile but then decided that they would be a lot more fun if she could grab them and stick them in her mouth. When she couldn't reach them she kept kicking and scooting herself down til she could grab them and then she would use her feet to push off the side of the bouncy trying to get the toys loose. Unfortunately for her she was not successful but it was hilarious for me to watch!
The second picture is self explanatory but just so you know, there wasn't food on the plate yet when we took the picture. Alex was getting ready to dish up his food when she grabbed the plate and started to attack! She loves it when we eat....we love the struggle! =)


Stephanie said...

That is SO funny! What a cutie. It looks like she was having a blast attacking the toys! Is she doing better eating? What new foods has she tried? Has she been rolling over a lot more?

Mother Goose said...

That plate is so huge compared to her head. Avery attacks our cups. I can't hold a cup while holding her, she becomes insanely strong!

Jennifer said...

Hi Nicole...I found your blog by looking at Stephanies. I put a link to yours from mine...I hope you don't mind. Your little girl is so cute and getting big. Enjoy and appreciate every moment even the bad ones, it goes so little one is already 6. :( You can llo at my blog if you is