Monday, November 19, 2007

Yummy Rice Cereal

She did it!! She had her cereal! It was hilarious! She had her own spoon so when I would put cereal in her mouth she would spit it out but then take her spoon and rub it all over her mouth and get it on there and then just suck and lick the spoon clean. I gave her a bit more and then she started making the "this is digusting! What are you feeding me?" face. It was great! I gave her a little water to wash it down and she loved playing with the cup and trying to drink out of it. If I ever figure out how to download videos from my video camera I will post some. These pictures were taken after and you don't get much of a view of how much ended up on her face and bib but I still thought they were cute.


Amy said... much fun:) Zac never really would eat cereal or pretty much any baby food...he liked table food too much:)

Mother Goose said...

She is too cute! And very coordinated with the whole spoon thing! Can't wait to see the video.